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For visiting the InventSuccess website.  We want to thank you in advance for any donation you make or are considering making to our unique and vital organization for youth and young adults with special needs.

InventSuccess is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Originally founded in October 2003, we have more recently made some significant changes in our mission and targeted demographics.  While still incorporating some of our original founding philosophies and goals, we have now expanded to include more opportunities for youth, young adults and community members to become more successful in more areas, with more opportunities by working together.

We believe there is success in every person and are dedicated to finding successful avenues for all youth and young adults that come to us.  Often special needs can become barriers to success and InventSuccess was founded on the belief that barriers can become bridges with the right tools and guidance. InventSuccess opens the windows of opportunities so you can clearly see the bridges that are no longer barriers.

Please consider donating to our organization.  We accept financial donations, products, services, and volunteer donations.  Listed below are some of the areas we are actively seeking donations for.


General Fund;
All donations allocated to this fund will be used as and where needed with best practices and responsible fiduciary management practices used at all times.  This fund will be used for youth success opportunities and organization sustainability to further InventSuccess’ mission of “Unlocking Opportunities, Solutions and Independence for Youth.”

Educational Fund:

Special Education Teacher Trainings:
Donate to the educational training fund to provide the specialized training for the ASSET Centers special education teachers.

Student Scholarships/Internships/Apprenticeships:
Donate to the educational fund to help a deserving youth attend the Center or participate in a career/vocational training opportunity.

Professional Continuing Education:
Donate to the educational fund to help the Center provide the added instruction curriculum and opportunities to professionals who wish to work with special needs individuals.

Brick & Mortar Fund: Green Building/Renovation

Regional ASSET Centers (built utilizing only green technology)

  • 1 center each; located in Western, Central and Eastern Region.
  • Centralized hub for all local ASSET Centers and Strategic Partnerships and Resource Information.
  • Educational, Vocational/Career, Camp/Respite, Continuing Education, and Research components in each center.
  • Home of the Virtual Community

Local ASSET Centers (built or renovated only with green technology)

  • Centers will be constructed or renovated buildings (preferably closed school buildings).
  • Tied in with local school districts to enhance, supplement and provide specialized education, training and vocational opportunities for local special education students and key professionals in the demographic area.
  • Technology training and specific vocational/career training opportunities
  • Access to local resource directory
  • Technology center available to local community members for innovation development and prototyping.
  • All aspects are tied to Regional Centers for continuity of services, resources, opportunities and organizational protocol.

Technology Fund:

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Video curriculum and training equipment
  • Remote conferencing equipment
  • Career and vocational training equipment (industry specific)
  • Networking and server equipment for virtual community
  • Green building components

Career/Vocational Training Fund:

  • Career and vocational training materials
  • Internship and apprenticeship and career training opportunities
  • Professionals and master craftsmen/tradesmen stipends/salaries
  • Course/training curriculum opportunities

Camp/ Respite Fund:

  • Camp time at established camps
  • Building green camps and respite centers
  • Scholarships for camp time, airfare for travel.
  • Furnishings, staples and essentials for camps and respite centers

Research Project(s) Fund:

  • Specific Research Project
  • Materials and equipment for research
  • Stipends to researchers
  • Development of partnerships with research centers, universities and teaching hospitals.

Continuing Education for Professionals Fund:

  • Development of available curriculum(s)
  • Development of partnerships
  • Green development of designated housing

Virtual Community Development Fund:

  • Development of software
  • Purchase computers, servers and networking equipment
  • Training of personnel for system maintenance and management
  • Development of virtual community web site and security and ADA parameters

Role Playing Website Community Development Fund:

  • Development of website
  • Software modifications to accommodate site needs and projections
  • Purchase computers, servers and networking equipment
  • Training of personnel for system maintenance and management
  • Development of web site and security and ADA parameters

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