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Eduardo Norell, CEO, Portland, OR Norell Design Print & Media Design Casey Golden, Director, New York, NY Crackerjack + House Image Management Rich Aydelott, CEO, Vancouver, WA Amazing Life Institute Health and Behavior Management through specialized trainings Robert Fletcher, Founder/Developer Thought Pattern Management Glen Fletcher, Consultant Thought Pattern Management Elisabeth Nelson, Director, Licensed Teacher/State of Oregon Astoria Conservatory of Music, Astoria, OR Music and voice collaborative program ~ “The Measure of Music” Mel Levine, MD, Durham, NC All Kinds of Minds Learning programs Paul Law, MD MPH, Baltimore, MD Kennedy Krieger Institute IAN Project Boonex Software Australia/Global All Virtual Community software is supplied Pro Bono Host Upon Web Hosting Services Toronto, Ontario Canada. All web hosting is supplied Pro Bono IMapBuilder Software Interactive map software is supplied Pro Bono Mike Madison, Owner / Principal Designer, Corvallis, OR Imagine Design Experience LLC Web Design / Drupal Development Brian Jamison, CEO/Founder, Portland, OR Open Sourcery Technology Special Interests in Partnership: Autism Society of Oregon, Marylhurst, OR Autism Speaks, New York, NY

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